April 26, 2023

Can Heating Oil Spoil in My Tank?

Heating Oil Lasts Much Longer than Gasoline If you ended the season with plenty of heating oil in your tank, you may be wondering if your fuel will still be good when you turn your oil boiler or oil furnace on again in the fall. No worries. Your heating oil will be fine. The average […]

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March 29, 2023

What Maintenance Does a Water Heater Need?

Regular Maintenance Extends Equipment Life Did you know that the life span of the most common water heater—units with a storage tank—can vary greatly, anywhere from 7 to 13 years. How long your storage tank water heater lasts depends on a number of factors, including the temperature of the water you set for the tank, […]

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February 28, 2023

7 Common Questions About Heating Oil Tanks

Average Life Span, When to Replace and More Having a heating oil storage tank on your property offers an important advantage for Wisconsinites, providing an ample supply of heating oil ready for immediate use whenever it’s needed. But there are many misconceptions about oil storage tanks that need to be addressed and cleared up. Here […]

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January 26, 2023

What are the Benefits of Heating Oil?

Heating Oil Is Safe, Clean, and Efficient Folks in Wisconsin who live in a home that is kept warm by heating oil appreciate all of the benefits they get. Let’s talk about safety first. Being safe at home is just one of the reasons many people prefer to heat their homes with oil. With everything […]

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December 27, 2022

How Does a Furnace Work?

A Furnace Distributes Warm Air Through Your Home Today’s energy-efficient oil furnaces provide homeowners in Wisconsin with a great opportunity to increase their comfort while decreasing their energy usage. New furnaces can now heat a home using significantly less energy compared to older-generation equipment. Knowing more about how your furnace works will help you to […]

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November 28, 2022

Boiler vs. Furnace

Boiler vs. Furnace What’s the Difference, Why It Matters Your heating oil system can either be a furnace or a boiler. Both of these heating units will keep you warm, but there is some information you should know that may come in handy if a problem arises. If it’s something minor, you may be able […]

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October 24, 2022

What Is Heating Oil?

Where It Comes from and How It Keeps You Warm Heating oil comes from crude oil, which has to be refined to remove impurities. It’s then separated into different “fractions.” More refined, lighter fractions are used to produce such products as gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel and No. 2 home heating oil, which is […]

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September 30, 2022

How To Avoid Home Heating Mistakes

Don’t Compromise Safety for Savings When we come home, we expect to warm up quickly, especially for anyone who uses heating oil to heat their home. And why not? The flame in a heating oil system burns hundreds of degrees hotter than in other energy systems. But when temperatures plunge into the single digits and […]

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August 15, 2022

New Study: Switching to 100% Biodiesel Saves Lives

Lower Cancer Risk, Fewer Premature Deaths Among Findings A new study has revealed that switching to 100% biodiesel could have a life-saving impact for community residents, with such benefits as decreased cancer risk, fewer premature deaths and reduced asthma attacks. The study, sponsored by the Clean Fuels Alliance America and supported by organizations like the […]

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July 15, 2022

Why Is There Whistling During an Oil Delivery?

That’s Your Vent Alarm—and You Can Get a Rebate for Upgrading It! If your oil tank is located in your basement and you’re home when a driver makes his delivery, you’ll probably hear a whistling noise as your tank starts to fill up. But don’t worry. This is perfectly normal. Besides the tank itself, your […]

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