Claim up to $500 in Rebates for New Oilheating Equipment

Many homeowners across the state have already taken advantage of up to $500 in rebates for replacing their outdated heating equipment and oil storage tanks. You can too before winter arrives! Thanks to the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers Association and the National Oilheat Research Alliance, homeowners in the Badger State can receive a $300 rebate for installing a new, high-efficiency heating oil system and another $200 for replacing a heating oil storage tank.

To receive your rebate, all you need to do is visit the rebate section of our website and download the rebate coupon. Then present it to your heating oil dealer or installation contractor at the time of the equipment purchase. While you’re on the website, read more about new oil furnaces and boilers and the benefits of modern fuel storage tanks in Wisconsin.

Don’t wait too long! These rebates are only available this year while funds last, so don’t miss out on your chance to save up to $500!

Save more money later

The financial benefits of a new, high-efficiency oilheating system don’t end with these great rebates.

By upgrading, you could save 20% or more on your annual heating costs. With a new, more efficient oilheat system, you won’t need the expensive repairs that usually come when you hold on to an aging system.

Think of what you could do with all that extra money in your wallet. Then get in touch with your local Wisconsin heating oil company or installation contractor and get started on the road to big savings!

Other ways to save money on heat this winter in Wisconsin

There are many easy energy conservation methods that can add up to impressive savings. Let’s take a closer look at just three ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Run your ceiling fans in reverse

During the winter, the warm air in your home rises toward the ceiling, while cooler air sinks to the floor. But most fan models have a switch that allows you to reverse the direction of the blades so that they spin clockwise in the winter. This draws the cooler air upward and pushes the warm air down, where you can feel it. Even though running your fans will use some electricity, you can still manage a net savings in energy use, generally about 2%, because you can set your thermostat lower and not notice the difference.

Install a smart programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to set your temperatures so that you aren’t wasting energy when you aren’t home or when you’re asleep. Today’s smart thermostats can be controlled remotely, giving you greater control over your energy usage. This relatively inexpensive investment can potentially cut your energy usage by 5% or even 10%.

Close the gaps

Winterize windows with weather-stripping (for movable joints) and caulk (for nonmoving parts). Also, use a window kit to insulate the inside of your windows to keep cold air out and warm air in.