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Is Heating Oil Safe?

How Safe Is Your Heating Oil?

Heating oil is remarkably safe! Here are just a few of the reasons oil heat is a great choice for feeling safe and comfortable at home:

  • Nonexplosive – Oilheat does not and cannot explode. The oil in your tank is as likely to explode as the water in a pool. It’s that safe.
  • Nonburning – Before it can ignite, heating oil must be vaporized at a temperature above 140°. This means that oil heat is not a fire hazard, because it can’t burn in its liquid state.
  • No dangerous surprises – If something is seriously wrong with an oilheat system and carbon monoxide is present, there will be visible warning signs coming from the system, like smoke. That means that this serious issue will never sneak up on you or your family.

Oilheat has a lot going for it, and safety is at the top of the list. Of course, getting your system regularly serviced will ensure that it operates with optimum safety and efficiency.

To schedule service, contact your local oilheat dealer and they’ll be more than happy to set up a service appointment.