Is Oilheat Clean and “Green”?

Conserving Fuel for a Greener Footprint

oilheat clean energy

The oil heat industry continues to undergo a revolution that is significantly improving oil heat’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks to vast reductions of sulfur levels.

As a result, heating oil burns more cleanly, with lower emissions. You also benefit from better heating efficiency and easier maintenance, since low-sulfur oil creates fewer deposits on heat exchangers.

This is only the beginning. The quality of heating oil will get even better in the years ahead. And that’s good news for the environment—and for your pocketbook.

Here are a few other reasons why oilheat is clean and green:

  • Clean-burning technologies. Modern oil burners emit near-zero levels of pollution; heating with oil today means no odors, soot or other residue in your home.
  • Fuel conservation advances. Oil heat systems are cleaner, greener and more economical than ever. The latest heating systems are small, smart and super-efficient and can save you 30% or even more on your annual heating costs.
  • High-tech hybrids. Solar and geothermal energies are being integrated with oilheat in hybrid systems for water heating. That means a household’s water can be heated with little or no fuel required. A solar water heater can reduce water heating bills by as much as 80% and reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 lbs.*

*U.S. Department of Energy.