Heating Oil Rebates in Wisconsin

Is your heating system more than 25 years old? If it is, you may want to consider upgrading to a new oilheat system.

This is especially important if the age of your heating system has reached the quarter century mark. The operating performance and reliability of heating equipment deteriorates the older a system gets, and performance can be even poorer if a proper maintenance schedule hasn’t been followed.

Spring is the best time to take a serious look at replacing your old furnace or boiler now that you don’t need to depend every day on heat. Modernizing your home with new oilheat equipment is always a smart idea—and it’s even smarter right now because of Wisconsin rebates that can save you up to $500.

Right now, you can qualify for a $300 rebate when you install a new oil furnace or oil boiler. Plus, if you would like to upgrade to a modern aboveground oil storage tank, you could qualify for a $200 rebate!

Efficiency matters

Besides these immediate savings, you will save money on heating oil for years to come when you invest in a replacement system. Over the years, there have been major improvements made to oilheat equipment. The latest systems are small, smart and super-efficient, and can not only keep your home warm, but save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs. Read more about the benefits of a heating system upgrade.

There are many different equipment options to fit your budget and your local Wisconsin heating oil company has expertise in all types and models of oil heating equipment.

Additionally, heating oil has now been reformulated to make it cleaner burning, much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient. This has opened the door for the next generation of compact, super-efficient boilers and furnaces. Read more about clean and “green” oilheat.

If you’re ready to replace your old furnace or boiler, contact your local oil heat company for more information. Be sure to ask about current rebates in Wisconsin that could save you as much as $500 on your investment in a new oil heating system and storage tank. Your heating oil company can help you qualify for these rebates.