Maximize Your Home Energy This Summer

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We know heating season—and the cold weather—will be upon us in no time. With that in mind, we’re happy to enjoy the summer for a little while longer. One way you can make the summer even more enjoyable is to make the most of your energy usage. And you’ll be saving money in the long run, too!

Home Efficiency Summer Tips

Use this list of a few everyday ways to make your Wisconsin home more energy efficient during the warmest months of the year.

Do an air-filter check on your system. Each month, give your air filter a check. If it needs to be changed, take care of that as soon as possible. Your service technician can help if you need instructions on what to do. And if you’re not sure whether it needs to be changed in the first place, your heating and cooling company can help you assess that as well.

Make sure your vents and baseboards have open space in front of them. Clear the area of any toys, thick rugs, or furniture that may be standing in the way of easy air flow. You’ll make the most of your home’s energy usage with cleared-out space in front of baseboards and vents.

Don’t let any cold air go out the window when your A/C is running. How? Seal those windows up! This approach is a surefire way to save money—and energy. Just use caulk to seal up nonmoving parts and get some weatherstripping for moveable joints.

Set up ventilating fans throughout your Badger State home. You can get the hot air out of your house in an hour when you have strategically placed ventilating fans in your home—the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are good starting points.

Purchase a smart programmable thermostat to save energy. You can manage the temperature in your home no matter where you are—even if you’re sleeping! Cut back on your energy usage by up to 10% when you use this device correctly.