Lost Your Heat? How To Troubleshoot The Problem

What To Check If You Lose Your Heat

heating repair wisconsinHere in Wisconsin, we’re used to navigating through extremely cold winters. But when we arrive at home, we expect to feel warm. Unfortunately, there are times when your heat may go out and you’re forced to deal with an uncomfortable, stressful situation.

First, stay calm and carry on. If you’ve lost your heat, you may be able to solve the problem by yourself.

Before calling for professional service, try these steps to see if you can get your furnace or boiler to start generating heat again. Often, the problem is a simple one that you can fix on your own.

Check Your Fuel Tank Level

You should always check your heating oil tank regularly—especially in the middle of a cold snap. You should call for a delivery before your fuel level gets too low. The benchmark for getting more heating oil is when your oil tank reaches about one-quarter full.

Check If Power Switches Are Turned On

If you find that power switches for your heating system have been turned off by mistake, simply turn the electrical switches back to the “on” position and your problem may be solved.

Generally, there is a power switch located on the side of the heating system or on a wall nearby. In addition, farther away, there should be an emergency switch with a red cover plate that is labeled. People will sometimes turn this switch off by mistake, thinking it is the power switch for a light.

Look For A Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the power switches are not the problem, check your circuit breakers or fuse box to see if the circuit switches are still in the “on” position—or check to see if a fuse has blown out.

Thermostat Trouble

Many instances of heating systems not working can be traced to the thermostat, whose job it is to send a signal to your boiler or furnace to call for heat. But this signal may be interrupted if the wiring of the thermostat has begun to deteriorate.

A build-up of dust inside your thermostat is another common reason why your thermostat is not operating correctly. Another thing to look for are the batteries in the thermostat. The simplest solution may be this one: confirm that your thermostat is set above room temperature.

If you still haven’t found the problem, push the reset button on your oil burner—but not more than once or you may flood the system with oil. That can lead to an expensive repair.

If you can’t get heat after all this, it’s finally time to call in an oilheat professional.

Please contact your oilheat company if you have any concerns about staying safe and warm as we all buckle up for another Wisconsin winter.