Oilheat: The Way To Go In The Badger State

Oilheat in the Badger State wisconsin

Every year, oilheat keeps more than 190,000 of Wisconsin homes warm and safe. The progress the industry has seen over the past several decades is astounding, and important to keep in mind year-round.

Great for the Wisconsin Economy

While Wisconsin job growth is always important, it’s especially critical in the times we’re living today. The oilheat industry and how it fits into the WPMCA is a big part of that story, with heating oil businesses operated by more than 175 members across the state. Each and every one of these businesses contributes to fueling local economies.

Homeowners’ support of these businesses makes a very real difference in supporting the state’s economy, and that’s just one of the many reasons why oilheat is important. Here are even more reasons why oilheat is the way to go.

Safe and Sound

Homeowners who use heating oil are ahead of the game when it comes to safety. They’re often surprised to learn that oilheat is a nonburning fuel in its liquid state, and that it does not—and cannot—explode. Well-maintained, regularly serviced systems keep families safe and warm for decades at a time.

Improvements in Oilheat

With major advances in technology in recent generations, oilheating systems now burn 95% cleaner than they did in the 1970s. In fact, today’s high-efficiency furnaces and boilers also use about 700 fewer gallons of oil per year than they did back then.

It’s also worth noting that we’ve seen a virtual elimination of air polluting particulate matter (aka soot). These days, soot, dirt and odors are simply no longer issues we need to deal with anymore as we care for our oilheating systems.

Working Toward an Important Goal

The oilheat industry has set a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. With the increases in efficiency and extreme dips in consumption we’ve seen already and continue to work on, the industry is well on its way to hitting this mark.

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