Choosing the Right Equipment

What to expect when you replace your old heating system

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A new oil-heating system may not be as thrilling a purchase as some of the cool gadgets that you can add to your home with just the click of a mouse.

But you can still get excited about reducing annual fuel expenses by 20% or more—depending on the age and efficiency of your current system—not to mention virtually eliminating high repair bills with a replacement system.

A new heating system is a green choice too. Emissions from an old system can be significantly reduced by upgrading to a high-efficiency oilheating system. Today’s heating oil systems are efficient, and their emissions are negligible. Advances include systems with reduced fuel-firing rates. (Read more about energy efficiency and new oil furnaces and oil boilers.) Plus, today’s use of Bioheat® fuel is reducing emissions even further.

Full-service heating oil companies: your energy-savings partner

Your full-service heating oil company in Wisconsin plays a pivotal role in making sure that you get the high-efficiency heating system you need and can afford.

A full-service company has highly trained personnel with the knowledge and equipment expertise to guide you to the ideal solution, one that, no matter which system you buy, will bring lower heating bills and greater comfort.

How to choose the right heating equipment

When discussing your replacement options with your oilheat expert, you’ll most likely learn about the importance of proper sizing.

  • Sizing refers to the heating system’s Btu rating. If your equipment contractor installs something too powerful (oversized), it will give you more heat than you need, wasting energy and money.
  • But if the system doesn’t have enough power (undersized), your home will not feel comfortable, and you will spend more on fuel, because the oil boiler or oil furnace will switch on and off throughout the day.
  • To determine how much power your home’s heating system needs, an experienced heating oil system installer will do tests that show how much heat your home loses in the winter.

Proper installation holds the key to optimum performance

Once the right system is selected, your heating oil service expert will install it the right way. This requires skilled technicians with specialized training. The bottom line: Installing a new heating system will increase energy efficiency and save you money, as long as the boiler or furnace is sized and installed correctly.

Don’t wait until your system fails on the coldest day of a Wisconsin winter! Start doing your homework now by contacting your dealer today. Be sure to ask about current rebates in Wisconsin that could save you a lot of money on your purchase.