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Choosing the Right Equipment

What to Know about Replacing Your Home Heating System

A new heating system is not like a refrigerator! Your heating oil company cannot just bring it to your house, plug it in and then leave. A heating system is not that easy. First, your heating oil company has to figure out what size system works best for your home and family.

When your oil company talks about size, they are talking about how much power the system has, sort of like a car’s engine. A system that has more power than your house needs will waste money.

But if there isn’t enough power, your home will not feel comfortable. And it will cost more money because a system that’s too small will keep running and running.

What size fits just right?

There are tests that help your heating oil company figure out how much heat your home loses in the winter. This is one way they know how much power your home’s heating system needs.

Once they select the right equipment, they make sure it’s installed the right way so you get the most out of your investment.

Bottom line: Installing a new heating system will increase energy efficiency and save you money, as long as the boiler or furnace is sized and installed correctly.

If you’re ready to explore new heating options for your home, your local heating oil company will be happy to help.