Spring is the Time for Oilheat System Maintenance

spring cleaning flowers

OK, Wisconsinites. Have you tucked away your parkas and started to enjoy some spring fun?

Spring is always a time to rejoice after another cold Midwestern winter, but there’s one more task that’s related to winter that needs to get done. Contact your oil heat equipment service provider to schedule your annual home heating system maintenance! When winter rolls around again in the Badger State, you’ll be glad you did.

That’s because your home heating system should get a maintenance tune-up once a year to help it run at maximum efficiency, last longer and, in some cases, keep the equipment warranty valid.
When your local Wisconsin oilheat home heating system technician comes to your home, he or she will do a complete inspection and maintenance of your system. Some of the things your technician will want to do are: inspect drafts, flues and vents for leaks; make sure that the thermostat is working correctly; change the air filter (if applicable); inspect and clean all the working parts; and inspect the oil connections for leaks or damage.

Spring maintenance makes sense

You may be asking, “Why do this now? I can do it in the fall when I turn on my heater again.” There are lots of reasons why scheduling your oilheat home heating system maintenance during springtime is a good idea.

  • Scheduling is much easier. In fall and winter, your local Wisconsin oilheat provider’s schedule is jam-packed with requests for oilheat deliveries and emergency system repairs. That means you probably won’t be able to get your annual maintenance done for a while. Maintenance schedules are much more open and flexible in the spring, which makes setting up a service appointment for a time that works best for you much easier.
  • Repairs don’t have to be rushed. One of the reasons annual oilheat system maintenance is so important is that your technician can discover small problems before they turn into bigger and expensive repairs With a spring appointment, your technician will have a better opportunity to take care of any necessary repairs or adjustments, or if necessary, be able to more easily schedule a return visit to complete repairs.
  • Replacement may be needed. If your oilheat home heating system is more than 15 years old, or is in need of expensive repairs, your technician may recommend that you replace it. If you find this out during your spring maintenance, you’ll have enough time to work with your local Wisconsin oilheat provider to figure out the best and most efficient replacement home heating system for your home . You can then get it installed well before the busy fall season. You may also be eligible for up to $500 in equipment rebates.

What else can you do before next winter?

Spring is also a good time to look beyond your furnace or boiler and do home improvement projects that will help your oilheat home heating system work even more efficiently.

  • Add insulation. Determine whether your home has adequate insulation. If you don’t, adding insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on your oilheat home heating costs. This will also help you save on your air conditioning costs.
  • Install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans work for your home throughout the year. The circulating air helps keep you and your home cool in the summer. In the winter, reversing the direction of the blades will push down warm air that’s trapped near the ceiling. That helps you use less oilheat while still keeping your home warm.

So why not spring into action and contact your local Wisconsin oilheat dealer and schedule your annual home heating system maintenance soon?