Oilheat: Count On Staying Warm And Safe

oilheat to be warm and safe wisconsin

We all know that Wisconsin winters can be brutally cold. Fortunately, it’s on the coldest days that oilheat delivers the greatest value. And Wisconsinites who heat with oil have all the support they need to make their life at home safe and warm thanks to their local heating oil company.

One secret is oilheat’s incredible efficiency. The flame in a heating oil system burns hundreds of degrees hotter than in other energy systems. This produces more heat and warmer air or water, which leads to more even heat throughout the house. So when it’s five below zero and the wind is whipping around your home, that extra heat will still keep your home super cozy.

4 facts about oilheat efficiency

  1. New oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel needed than ever before.
  2. Studies show potential fuel savings can be as high as 48% when replacing an outdated boiler with a new, high-efficiency oil boiler.*
  3. Many new oil boilers now include energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% and provide a more even heat.
  4. High-efficiency oil furnaces now feature variable speed motors that use about 80% less electricity.

Safe at home with oilheat too

Research has shown that many homeowners have misconceptions about the safety of heating their home with oil.**

The truth is that heating oil has always been a remarkably safe fuel. Customers who understand this consider it a big reason they choose to stay with oilheat.

Heating oil itself is non-explosive and cannot light in its liquid state. That’s why it’s perfectly safe to keep in a storage tank inside your home.

So when you heat your home with oil, you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that your family will be safe—and that you’ll also be burning an environmentally friendly fuel that’s improving with every passing year.

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*Source: NYSERDA.
** NORA-funded Oilheat Consumer Research Study.