Read What Your Friends and Neighbors in Wisconsin are Saying about Oilheat!

“We’re staying within our budget now—even during very cold weather”

A few winters ago, Tom and Debbie B. of Fond du Lac realized it was time to retire their 25-year-old oil heating system.

“Our bedrooms were either too hot or too cold and it was so stressful opening our heating bills,” Debbie recalls. “After we paid hundreds of dollars to get it fixed once again, we knew we had to get rid of that thing.”

The next spring, Tom and Debbie asked their oil company to install a new high-efficiency oilheating system, which ended their comfort problems and high heating bills. Tom and Debbie estimate they now spend hundreds of dollars less for their heat now.

“We’re staying within our budget now even during very cold weather,” says Debbie. “Not only that, the house stays very comfortable because the heat circulates a lot better.”

The couple had briefly considered other heating options but chose to stay with oil.

“It heats the home very evenly and always keeps us very comfortable. But most importantly, it makes me feel good knowing that my home—and my family—are safe,” says Tom. “You can’t put a price on that.”

“I only wish that I’d upgraded sooner”

The vast majority of Wisconsin homeowners report extremely high customer satisfaction levels with their oilheat company. Madeline R. from Sun Prairie is among those highly satisfied customers, thanks to the support and expertise she received this past winter.

“My boiler was more than 30 years old and my water heater was almost as old,” says Madeline.

“I had my regular service technician visit me last November and he identified some real problems with my setup.”

Not only was the boiler old and inefficient, but the water heater was on its last legs.

“If that water heater had burst, I would have been in big trouble. And it was at its breaking point. Thanks to the recommendations that my technician made, I made the leap to upgrade my systems.”

Since upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler and indirect-fired oil water heater, Madeline’s heating costs have gone down tremendously.

“It was all because of the excellent service I received from my service tech and the oil company I’ve been working with for many years. Now, I only wish that I’d upgraded sooner!”