We Fuel the Economy

Wisconsin Fuel & Retail Association (WFRA) Helps Fuel Job Growth

As Wisconsin continues to add jobs, small businesses like the more than 500 members of the Wisconsin Fuel & Retail Association (WFRA) and non-members alike are helping to fuel that growth. The ability of these independent and family-owned heating oil and energy businesses to continue to invest in, grow their operations and provide home comfort across the state is critical to our local and state economies.

WFRA supports these independent and family owned heating oil businesses in a variety if ways. WFRA also focuses on the interests of energy consumers across the Badger State.

We also serve as the qualified state association for the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), a congressionally authorized program aimed at promoting oilheat, renewable home heating fuels and energy efficiency educating consumers and the industry, and developing meaningful research and development projects for fuels and heating equipment.

Fast Facts

  • Our industry employs thousands of people across Wisconsin. These heating oil businesses are independent and family-owned, which means they are investing in their own communities.
  • More than 190,000 people in Wisconsin live in a home that is heated with heating oil.
  • Wisconsin’s heating oil and petroleum marketers are fiercely competitive, surviving on slim margins to provide quality products and services to you, the Wisconsin consumer. It’s this ultra-competitive landscape that works to your benefit, ensuring the best possible prices and the highest quality of service and support.

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